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The Double G Ranch is a family owned and operated white-tail deer game management ranch. This family owned ranch is located two hours west of Houston in the center of Lavaca County. In 1985, being one of the first in our area, the 2660 acres ranch was high fenced. The white-tail deer on the ranch have access to high protein feed. The ranch maintains strict management practices to ensure a healthy herd and generally there is a one to one bucks to does. No genetic enhancements, pen raised or exotic deer have been introduced into the ranch herd. Hunting is from October 1, 2016 to January 28, 2017. Prime hunting is the last two weeks in October. No bow hunting allowed. Our lodge can accommodate parties of 7. There are several ponds with catch/release polices. Skeet shooting available for a fee. Come stay and hunt with us in Speaks, Texas.

For duck hunting information contact Steve Biggers at rockycreekretrievers.com.

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